About Sali

Having spent the last twenty years as a private practice therapist and many years prior as a therapist in a variety of clinical based agencies, I’m now devoting the majority of my time to Enneagram training and coaching. Knowing real change is not possible without honest self awareness, I have found the the Enneagram to be the most effective tool in promoting this crucial ingredient. Along with my experience in problem assessment and behavioral strategy shifts, I bring a strong belief in people’s ability to change. I look forward to sharing the Enneagram and opening doors to greater possibilities for individuals, couples, families, work places and community groups.

What’s Important to Me

I want to promote self awareness. I want to invite and enable people to see themselves truly. I want people to be less averse to seeing both the pluses and the minuses that are present in how they operate day to day. This is what I call self awareness. I want to invite and enable this true seeing because while it brings difficult and sometimes startling revelations, it also brings hope for change and a resulting peace. When things are not going well, denying this will never bring change. Courageous looking and seeing and adjustment will bring change. While challenging, this is certainly invigorating. Working toward change and seeing change is, well, life changing! I find the energy we put toward defending and excusing ourselves when we make a wrong move is significant. To be able to see and work with the wrong move without judgment requires much less energy and has the bonus of future ease. This increased ease in living day to day is what I want to invite people to. My work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Enneagram Trainer blend well to bring a rich experience base to any training. My vision of hope and possibility and the energy and enthusiasm will convert the nay sayers out there!

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Master of Social Work (MSW) – May, 1978
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), New York – June, 1998
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Illinois – November, 2014
Certified Spiritual Director – July, 2010
Certified Enneagram Trainer – June, 2016

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