The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a dynamic personality typing system with its roots in a long history of observing human behavior and has been contributed to by scholars to the present day. It outlines nine different personality types with each type operating out of a mix of both natural gifts and developed defensive strategies. Once these gifts and defensive strategies are recognized, self awareness and behavioral choice increase. The areas of life where these changes can take place are numerous resulting in increased success and satisfaction.

For some of us there is a resistance to being seen as a type, it can feel we are being put in a box. At the same time when a person’s behavior is observed objectively we see a surprisingly narrow band of behavioral options being expressed. It can be also surprising to learn the narrowing of options is a function of defensive strategy not natural gifting. Exploring the information offered by the Enneagram on the nine personality types can free us from the box we have put ourselves in without knowing. Awareness brings the possibility of balance and freedom to the many parts of life.



The Reformer

The gift of the One is knowing the potential of people, things, and systems. They like to see all go as they should.


The Helper

The gift of the Two is seeing what people need to make life better. They care about people and want to help.


The Achiever

The gift of the Three is knowing how to get a project completed and creating buy in. They like to do well.


The Authentic Person

The gift of the Four is an awareness of the pain and beauty of life. They create expressions that communicate these deep truths.


The Observer

The gift of the Five is observing and understanding people, things and systems. They make connections and see patterns.


The Faithful Person

The gift of the Six is listening and trusting themselves. They find answers by listening to their inner voice and invite others to do so too.


The Joyful Person

The gift of the Seven is experiencing joy and seeing possibilities in life. They want to have fun.


The Powerful Person

The gift of the Eight is to lead and inspire us. They can help us get where we want to go.


The Peaceful Person

The gift of the Nine is listening to every side of an issue. They show us how to achieve a win-win.

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