What People Are Saying

“Not only did the Enneagram help me understand myself as a leader (strengths and weaknesses), but it also gave me deeper insight into the personalities of my staff – and the manner in which their gifts could be best put to use in our setting. After years of being frustrated at not being able to “change” someone’s personality, which was often the source of conflict at work and never seemed to change regardless of how many conversations we had or how many yearly performance reviews we did, I realized that it was more effective to simply be aware of their personality so that I could appreciate it and move them to action. The Enneagram as a tool for the Universal Growth Process really changed my thinking. Plus, it was a great team-building opportunity and gave us a shared language for both our leaders and our clients.” – Amy

“I was familiar with the Enneagram from college but hearing Sali explain how I could use my type in my everyday life left me feeling very empowered! I can’t wait to go to a class with my husband so that we can compare types and maybe drink some wine with other couples.” – Lisa

“I thoroughly enjoyed your class. It left me wanting to know more and understand the information better. I only wish we’d had more time to delve into it more – but then again, I’m a ‘5!'” – Lane

“The Enneagram training was a vehicle by which I got to know myself and others better, in a very understandable way.  By giving me new insight into people who were not like me, I was more able to allow them to be themselves, and instead work on furthering my own emotional health.” – Gail

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