Mini Workshops

These 90-minute workshops are designed to be interactive in three parts: teaching, small group discussion,  and large group sharing.

How Fear and Love talk through our Enneagram Types

Our basic response to life and all we encounter come from either a place of Love or a place of Fear. What does it mean to respond out of Love? What does it mean to respond out of Fear? Knowing this enables us to choose our response with more awareness.

Using our Wings to Balance and Fly

The Enneagram does not leave you with only one expression of the way in which you manifest yourself in the world. Along with our core type we use the gifts and defensive strategies of our wings. Learn how to do so for the best results.

Living in the Now

This is what we have, this is where we are. We are in a time that is unprecedented. In this workshop, we find new ways of coping as we explore the wisdom of the Law of Three and The Law of Seven, found tucked into the Enneagram symbol.

Using our Arrows to Construct the Best Plan Forward

What we bring to our moments of stress and what we have access to as our best selves can powerfully affect how we operate and make a significant impact on our day to day experiences. Exploring how to use the types represented by our arrows can help us we determine what we need to move forward in the best way.

Why and How We Protect Ourselves by Throwing Others Under the Bus (and Finding Something New)

Manipulation, controlling, and other fearful responses plague us and others and rarely lead to peace. But how do we let go of these temptations? We will explore the forces that attempt to convince us of our need to be the “last one standing,” and what it requires to find a new way.

Naming our Fear of the Dark; Jumping Over the Poison River

The Fear of the dark, this age-old fear, remains with us in a powerful way. We may better identify it as the fear of the unknown. We can relate to it in a manner that allows more freedom and space, but this requires adjustments on our part which includes looking it in the eye and having a conversation.

Busting the Myths We Believe that Hold Us Back

Because we began young and small so many of our beliefs were born of immature thinking and believing. While this is to be expected the resulting thinking and believing does not need to be forever supported. We are able, in the present, to re-visit them and search further to find truths that enlarge space and opportunity for us.

Honoring and Learning from the Other Types Series

In this series we will open ourselves to each of the types and allow each to share what they know and we may have missed.

  • Caring to do things well from Type One
  • Allowing Ourselves to be Inconvenienced from Type Two
  • Loving the Work from Type Three
  • Learning from Pain from Type Four
  • Taking Time to Notice from Type Five
  • Being Courageous from Type Six
  • Fearless Dreaming from Type Seven
  • Stepping Forward from Type Eight
  • Allowing Life to Unfold from Type Nine

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