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Enneagram and Work

Reviews from employers…

“Not only did the Enneagram help me understand myself as a leader (strengths and weaknesses), but it also gave me deeper insight into the personalities of my staff – and the manner in which their gifts could be best put to use in our setting. The Enneagram as a tool really changed my thinking. I noticed that as my staff grew in awareness of their own gifts, they each had a growing appreciation for each other that they had not had before. As a result, they had a way to deal with conflict better, they had a language to bring things to the table in a much healthier manner which made them more effective as individuals and as a team.”

– Amy Rohler, former Executive Director
Community Helping Hands

“I knew of Enneagram before and wanted it for my staff. The difference I found with Sali’s training is that it puts more meat on the bones. It helped us better understand how we move toward the more defensive aspects of our personality and how to grow and move more intentionally toward the healthy and productive aspects of our personality.”

– Rick Miller, Pastor

Reviews from employees…

“Through this workshop and learned a great deal about my core type. I learned what my stressful triggers are and my defensive maneuvers are which will better help me understand how I respond to situations. I really loved learning about my strengths and how I can be more balanced. I believe this workshop opens great insight for people of every background and I highly recommend this workshop to any individual or organization.”

– Marissa

“I was familiar with the Enneagram from college but hearing Sali explain how I could use my type in my everyday life left me feeling very empowered!”

– Lisa

“The training helped me understand the differences in personalities and how each person thinks and understands each situation differently. Not only did it help me understand how I view situations but allowed me to have a better understanding about how others view it. What I have learned has helped me be more of a team player with my family, friends, and colleagues.”

– Shawn

“The Enneagram training was different than anything else I’d been exposed to. It helped me to understand myself to a much greater degree. I also found the training to be very enlightening as to others and their personality characteristics. The results included far more information than I expected with all the different aspects that are unique to each number – not a cookie cutter result. As a result, I have gained valuable information about myself which has actually caused me to behave differently. I am also more accepting of myself in some ways.  With respect to interacting with others, I think the training was eye opening and it helped me to see people through a different lens. I’m now aware of all the personality ‘number’” and a bit about what makes them unique.  Mostly, I’ve gained a level of acceptance/tolerance knowing that ultimately, we all are striving to find our way “’home.'”

– Lane

“Through the training I found out new things about myself. I became aware of the positive and the negative ways I deal with things. Although I have always had a sense of the differences now I know why and I can learn from them and make adjustments. I am grateful for the opportunity to have gone through the workshop and all I have gained.”

– Shelly

“It was so helpful having words put to some behaviors I exhibit when under stress. Growing in my own self-awareness was very helpful and gave me a lot to work on.”

Grit to Great

Reviews from referral sources…

“It was clear from the start how impactful this Enneagram tool has been. You could immediately see the effects of acknowledging each person’s strengths and innate gifts to the world; naming what they had not named before but knew to be true once hearing it. Not only did they gain a vocabulary and language they had not had, but they use it beyond the workshop in their relationships and their work life.”

– Joalexis Martir, Workforce Coordinator
Community Helping Hands

“This workshop is doing significant outreach in the community to bring the gift of self-awareness to a population that does not often have access to such tools. In my opinion, this is Justice work. There is a sense of self awareness and sense of agency that the workshop wakes within them. This is invaluable in many ways, the least of which is a foundation for mobility out of poverty. The impact of the workshop is evident in the videos of the participants who speak for themselves as to what “Grit” has meant to them. It is impressive, meaningful, challenging and life-giving work — and I cannot recommend it enough.”

– Amy Rohler, Executive Director
United Way of Southern Chautauqua County

“This workshop has been an eye opener for our clients. They have enjoyed attending the workshop and have perfect attendance which is a rarity due to all their barriers. They were motivated to learn more about themselves and excited about the progress they believed possible despite their challenges. One client who had lost her employment due to personal barriers was able to attend the Grit to Great workshop and came away passionate about seeking employment again and gaining that self-sufficiency she desires. In situations where individuals lack support and guidance this workshop assists them to better understand their individual styles and what drives them helping them to better know what they are capable of and how they can contribute.”

– Marissa Santiago, Case Manager
Temporary Assistance/Employment Team Unit
The Department of Health & Human Services

Reviews from participants…

“It was so great learning what it looks and feels like when I am operating out of an unhealthy place and why. Working at building from my strengths and interacting with people more effectively will add to my success as I move forward.”

– Rayshell

“I feel like the workshop helped me find who I was, my inner self, and what I have to offer. I am happy with that person. Now that I am aware of my defenses, I can change how I operate in life.”

“The workshop helped me to understand other people’s point of view, but also understand my own point of view better. I feel like I now have the ability to establish, improve, and maintain personal relationships more than ever before.”

– Kelsey

“This workshop taught me so much about myself and how I operate. I can see places that I need to adjust how I come across, but also places where I need to be more confident in myself. I can see myself and also listen to other’s feedback about me in a more balanced way.”

– Madison

“The workshop has helped me be able to hear what is going on inside my head and explain to others where I am coming from as well as getting out of my head when I feel caught there.”

– Sasha

Embracing Your True Self

Reviews from leaders…

“Sali’s therapeutic background informed her presentation and interactions with our guests as she created a safe setting for them to be open to new insights about themselves as well as providing a very practical approach to healing and growth.
Sali effectively presented the Enneagram in a way that enabled the women to identify and own their full selves. It was powerful to see the them experience so many “aha” moments that helped them better understand their past and current behaviors and approaches to life and relationships.”

– Rev. Oreon Tricky, Coordinator

“I found the class to be enlightening and challenging. It gave everyone who participated in the tools to not only understand themselves more but to communicate what was really going on with them.  The class really helps tap into the deeper needs and expressions of oneself. I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to make a change in their lives.”

– Eve

“I feel that Sali presented the Enneagram in a way that spoke directly to all women attending. Her focus on being seen and belonging resonated with each person. Questions were presented to us in a way that allowed us to go as deep as we chose, while still feeling safe and understood in the process. Everyone who participated in the workshop felt touched. One shelter guest in her 50’s told me, ‘I feel like I finally understand myself.'”

 – Beth Nicholls, Shelter Program Director
Cornerstone Community Outreach

Reviews from participants…

“This class gave me insight to my personality traits that I never knew and also confirmation to traits I already knew. The class made me look at life in a new way. This class gave me clarity and understanding of who I am, introducing me to my true self.”

– Cyrstal

Enneagram and Education

Reviews from educators…

“This workshop would greatly benefit school counselors, social workers, and teachers to better understand the students they work with.”

“Knowing your own gifts and defensive strategies in a more straight-forward way gives you a better chance to aim for the gift. If I can do this then I can help my students in this same way. A win-win.”

“This has helped me appreciate more so the differences in my students and helps me think of ways to help them cultivate the gift they possess. Excellent workshop.”

Enneagram and Students

Reviews from educators…

“As a high school English teacher, I work with students in a leadership development program. Sali’s workshop has encourage my students to approach their gifts, embrace the roles of others, and dive deeply into how their defensive instincts may be keeping them from thriving in personal relationships and making a positive difference. Some might say that the Enneagram Tool is too advanced for young people since they are just beginning their own understanding of themselves. However, with Sali’s sensitivity to the needs of these students and her willingness to apply this tool, the workshop has been a pivotal part of our semester over the last three academic years. With her illustrations, life scenarios, and probing questions she gives our learning community an imperative reference point for how to challenge ourselves to be more resourceful with our strengths and more honest with our defenses. I am grateful for her efforts with these students.”

– Elizabeth Rowe-Baehr, Teacher

Reviews from students…

“This workshop may influence my future job in how I react to certain situations, as well as how I interact with certain people. Being aware of my type and the characteristics of it can help me keep myself in check.”

“I have never heard anything truer about myself. Simply being aware of my personality can help me because now I’m able to take a minute to think about why I may be acting or feeling a certain way before continuing with a situation. That way, I can go about it in the best way possible for everyone involved, myself included.”

“This was mind blowing! I am happy with what you showed us!”

“This helped me to more understand myself and stay out of my defensive part. It was a great experience!”

“I need to start thinking through situations more. I need to understand that in certain situations I don’t always need to be in control but lean more into innocence.”

Enneagram and Parenting

Reviews from parents…

“This workshop helped me become more aware of my own and other’s gifts and defenses and help me to make sure I am using my gifts more than my defenses. It also helped me better help my children understand their needs, hearts, and bodies to help them through challenges in life.”

“I gained an appreciation for other people’s gifts! Fascinating! It takes all kinds of people! It is good to be aware of your place in the world and how you can use your gifts to be a better parent and person.”

“The workshop introduced me to possible ways to help my child work through a stressful period which requires an objective perspective.”

“This workshop was very useful. I learned how to acknowledge when I am in a defensive mood, identify my strengths and my weaknesses when I am stressed, and how to use my gifts to build relationships.”

“The workshop showed me how to register “where I am” in dealing with a situation and how to help me and my child have a conversation to bring out the best in her, and my self for that matter.”

This was very helpful in recognizing ways I can help my kids grow their gifts and help them avoid using their defenses unnecessarily.”

“The workshop gave us different postures to take toward our children. The examples and the good understanding they enabled were really helpful. I loved seeing ways to encourage your children’s unique gifting while creating ways not to illicit the defense in them. This is a great way to think about how we interact with them!”

Wine and Enneagram; In Vino Veritas

Reviews from participants…

“Sali did a wonderful job presenting the Enneagram in a practical way that I could easily translate into my life. The visual example of the ‘dog’ helped me see my defensive strategy in action. I think I can now catch myself and re-direct myself when this happens!”

“So much fun! The information was so spot on and learning it while with family really brought that fact home! Sali’s bent for the positive and her lack of judgement made everything feel safe. Maybe not a good idea with some families, but it worked well for ours!”

“This was an excellent experience. It was very informative with practical implications throughout the evening. You could “see” yourself and others you knew of the various types. I came away more aware of myself which did seem to be the purpose of the evening.”

“This was both fun and informative! Really great to learn about myself and my friends in a deeper way. Now we have a shared language that I think we will keep using.”

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