The workshops below are available to help participants grow in their understanding and implementation of the Enneagram as it relates to their individual type and the types of those around them. Most workshops are three hours in length and can take place in your office, home, community center, or online. Contact me today for pricing and availability.

Enneagram and Work

In any organization it is the employee who delivers the service or product; investing in employees will result in the improvement of both. A very effective way to invest is by offering self awareness training which invites employees to see themselves and understand how they impact their work environment. The Enneagram is an effective tool for creating this self awareness and general emotional intelligence in employees. This awareness has impact beyond the improvements within a team and the organization extending to improvements in both social and family relationships. Through this workshop, your organization will gain self awareness, increased team work, and retention.

Module One

This 4-hour overview includes an introduction to awareness and personality development and an overview of the nine Enneagram types. For effective use of knowledge gained through this introduction, Module 2 is highly encouraged.

Module Two

Using the foundation of Module One, we will take a deeper look at each of the nine types using the information to map out improved personal and team interactions.

Ongoing Consultation

This offering can be used following Module One or Module Two. An organization can invite any of its employees to interact with the information of the Enneagram as they explore how to approach issues and people differently.

Individual Coaching

One cannot lead where one has not been. Leadership has a trickle-down effect. Investing in the leadership of any organization has dividends throughout the organization as a whole. Individual coaching or supervision is available for executives or middle management to address specific issues of concern and for ongoing development.

Grit to Great

Enneagram training for people in generational poverty

Generational poverty is another way of saying generational lack of opportunity. Employment has been seen as a way out of poverty, a way toward opportunity. While taking on the training for the needed soft and hard skills it is also important that those seeking to succeed first discover their natural gifts and build the internal infrastructure needed to support the addition of the soft and hard skills.

Module One

This 12-hour workshop is designed for those who have historically received far too little positive feedback or opportunity in experiencing themselves in positive and life-giving ways. Using the Enneagram, participants will identify both the natural gifts they possess which are needed in the world, and the defensive strategies they have developed over time to protect themselves. Understanding both will help as they differently navigate the world around them leading to more opportunity and more success.

Module Two

Using the self-awareness from Module One, ongoing discussions and insights into what positively and negatively drives interactions are explored in a small group setting resulting in corrections and reinforcements.

Embracing Your True Self

Enneagram training for the homeless community

While the Enneagram is becoming well known in many communities of our society there remain many communities yet untouched. One such community is the homeless community, a community in need of the life-giving message within the Enneagram. This 14-hour workshop offers practical ways to conceptualize how personality builds and operates in day to day life. It explains the gifts and the defensive strategies each of the Types and includes guests of each type who join in a question answer time bringing the learning to a more tangible level. It concludes with a plan of action bringing the learning into real life. The formatting of the 14-hour timeline can be customized to the programs needs.

Enneagram and Education

Educators seek better ways to reach and work with their students. One effective path to understanding, and therefore better reaching students, is the Enneagram. Knowing the nine natural strengths and their corresponding weaknesses creates a useful lens through which to recognize what uniquely drives individual students of every age. With this information, teachers, faculty, and students find more efficient ways toward confidence and success.

Module One

This module includes an introduction to personality development and an overview of the nine Enneagram types.

Module Two

Using the foundation of Module One, we will take a deeper look at each of the nine types using this information to better understand how to access a student’s natural strengths in order to bring out their best.

Enneagram and Students

The call to educate our students is broad and includes how they conduct themselves in the world. Adding self-awareness to a quality education helps students go the distance. The Enneagram is an effective tool for developing this needed self-awareness. This workshop is designed for high school and college aged students who want to grow in self-awareness and understanding about both the gifts they bring and the defensive strategies they have developed and why. With this greater awareness comes greater options as to how to live out their best self.

Enneagram and Parenting

As parents we want the best for our children but are often unaware of our own assumptions regarding what that best is. Exploring the nine personality types of the Enneagram opens up for parents the gifts and corresponding defenses that drive a child’s approach to the world. This can be very helpful in guiding a parents approach to cultivating their children’s best.

Module One

This module includes an introduction to personality development as well as insight into how the nine Enneagram types are lived out in a child’s processing and operation in the world.

Module Two

Using the foundation of Module One, we will take a deeper look at each of the nine types using the information to better understand a child’s perceptions and needs.

Wine and Enneagram; In Vino Veritas

Observing human interaction, including our own, can intrigue us, frustrate us, and even delight us. However this observation affects you, it can be helpful to learn that there is rhyme and reason to all we observe. Exploring the Enneagram is a particularly useful way to make this rhyme and reason clear. An Evening of Wine and Enneagram allows participants to explore the nine different personality styles in the company of friends and family.

Module One

Up to 12 friends can join together to explore the Enneagram, powered by spirits: in vino veritas! (“In wine there is truth.”). This informal gathering is an opportunity to grow in self awareness with friends, colleagues, and family.

Module Two

Awareness gained through an introduction to Enneagram is often followed by a curiosity to explore further. Additional training is available for participants who want to dig deeper and understand more about their type and the types of those around them.

Out of Judgement, Into Love through the Enneagram

The Enneagram invites us to see what is actually happening inside of us and then outside of us. This is only possible through the lens of Love. Without being aware, we more often use the lens of judgment which impedes our seeing accurately. In this workshop we will explore and wrestle with Love and Judgment as competing forces that influence the degree to which we are able to be self aware.

Module One

This two hour session requires participants to have a prior overview of the Enneagram. The powerful dynamic of judgement will be made clear and a counter-offering of Love will be explored.

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